Monday, April 19, 2010

Treatments and Sunshine

I realized that I have yet to share anything about my treatments. I have been receiving some types of treatments, but it hasn't been anything major. I have been doing radiation on the tumors in my neck,in hopes that they will shrink to a size that will not bug me. The first few radiation treatments were not that bad. The treatments didn't burn my skin or irritate me. Really the only downside is that it is extremely boring. There generally isn't anyone to sit and chat with, and nothing good on TV. However, that all changed today!

For the past few weeks my town has seen glimpses of summer. It is normally cold and cloudy but, lately it has been sunny and hot! Which is extremely rare for this time of the year. Today was one of those rare days. I had radiation and was dreading it, especially because it was so nice out. However, the nurse let me sit by the window instead of laying in the bed. I had my favorite Starbucks in one hand and a molasses cookie in the other. From my window I was able to see the Ronald McDonald House. I could see a number of families playing outside in the gorgeous sunshine. I saw children playing on the toys and running through a sprinkler. Watching all of this I could not help but smile. It reminded me of my summers as a little girl. Just as I was about to talk about the weather to the person beside me, the nurse was coming in to unhook me. Time flew by! I wish it would fly that fast every week ha ha. Isn't it amazing how the sunshine can just put people in a good mood!


  1. I am glad to hear that you are getting treatment Katie, and that boredom has been the worst of the problems! Hang in there and thanks for the update.

  2. And now we are back to yucky rain and cold, but I'm glad that your day of treatment was a sunny one!

  3. Yes, it does. And sunshine is healthy for you- in moderation of course.

    I hope all your treatments go by as quickly.